Morphing into the Uncanny

My mind is filled with curiosities, mystical and bewitching. It is filled with memories of childish wonder whose enchantment has matured into a deep uncanniness. In my graduate thesis I recreate the process of a memory’s ability to continuously transform past the time of its creation. I return to the recollections formed in the first ten years of my life surrounding the enthralling New Year’s Day traditions of my home country, Romania. The textile explorations I undertake follow the same transformation as that of an early memory in my adult mind. It begins with childish curiosity and lack of inhibition and mutates into the unknown exploration of a newfound imaginary feeling. The result is a knitwear collection that materializes the uncanny metamorphosis of each magical memory.

Material Exploration

Single Bed Machine Knitting. Stoll Knitting.
Hand Knitting.Weaving. Embroidery. Crochet. 

Wool. Mohair. Silk. Cotton. Polyester. Horse hair.

Polyester hair. Sequins.  


Industry projects available upon request.