Every year during the Romanian winter holidays, young men and boys perform in an ancient pagan tradition. In the darkness of their own home they quietly cover their bodies in brightly colored costumes resembling otherworldly stags, bears, and devil figures. Their boisterous laughter and screams echo through the streets getting closer and closer to your own front door. With their much anticipated arrival come loud songs and dance as they attempt to scare off the evil spirits that would otherwise impede the upcoming harvest. Their spontaneous presence disappears as quickly as they appeared leaving only the echoes of their songs and screams to take hold of your soul into the new year.

Using the costumes donned during this magical time of year as inspiration, the Dracii textile collection creates a new set of material to be used by the next generation of stags, bears and devil figures.

Single Bed Machine Knitting. Embroidery.
Felting. Needle Felting.
Embellishment. Embroidery.
Digital Printing.

Wool. Mohair. Silk. Cotton. Polyester.
Sequins. Glass beads.

Horse hair. 


Industry projects available upon request.