24H is a fully fashion knit jacket created in collaboration with architect Shou Jie Eng. Merging fashion, architecture and technology, inspiration is drawn from the transformation of buildings during the course of 24 hours - from structural planes and textures during the day, to glowing, vivid colors at night. Mimicking this transformation, during the day the jacket places emphasis on the knit texture variation and the subtle colors used. As the outside light begins to fade, LED lights of different shades begin to glow at varying start times finishing in a landscape of glowing, vibrant colors.

24H combines several techniques including fully fashion Stoll knitting, 3D printing, fiber optics, Arduino circuitry, and LEDs.

Stoll fully fashioned knitwear. Arduino circuitry. 
Programing. 3D printing. 

Mohair. Polyester. Arduino circuits. LEDs. 

Industry projects available upon request.